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Gigi Allen, a high-energy beauty with an exhilarating soulful vocal style, captivates all that get the chance to hear her. The delightful blend of Funk, Soul, R&B with a sprinkle of classic Rock that she brings to the stage keeps audience waiting to hear more. A native of Greenville, South Carolina, she has traveled the world performing solo as well touring with numerous artists including Peabo Br...yson and Kenny G. Gigi spent many years honing her skills as a singer and performer, headlining in Las Vegas, Nevada at all of it's infamous venues; such as the Mirage, Caesars Palace and the Bellagio to name a few. Her obvious love for entertaining, connecting with the audience and large range of vocal ability have garnered national attention. Gigi's talent and universal appeal have also taken her to perform at exotic venues in cities around the world such as Monte Carlo, France and Sun City, South Africa.

Now as she becomes a familiar face in the DC/Baltimore area, Gigi is preparing to release her debut studio album with 2 A.M. Music, titled "I Need You" (August 23rd, 2011). Just as Gigi's voice, the album is a blend of Funk, Soul, R&B with a sprinkle of classic Rock; that will surely solidify her as an artist of the people. The music composition and vocal presentation combine the tender soulfulness of a Jill Scott or Vivian Green with the gritty edge of a Tina Turner or Janice Joplin. The eclectic nature of the album goes further than just the sound; it also covers subject matter, including topics from love to love lost, from moving on to staying together, from struggle to empowerment. And although the lyrical and musical content are not one dimensional, the entire project fits in place cozily and the plot comes together gracefully like your favorite movie.



Live Show VIDEOS

I Need You (into "The Fact Is" by Jill Scott) LIVE

To Know You Is To Love You LIVE

I Was Wondering...- LIVE!! - Baltimore Album Release Concert

Dangerous - LIVE!!! - Baltimore Album Release Concert 2011

NoMore LIVE - Album Release Concert

GiGi Allen - No More


Behind the LP - Interviews on the making of the LP "I Need You"

I Was Wondering - Behind The LP - GiGi Allen -I Was Wondering
Kismet - GiGi Allen - Kismet
If This Is Wrong - GiGi Allen - If This Is Wrong
I Need You - Behind the LP - GiGi Allen - "I Need You"


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