Myra T. Mathis

Who is Myra T. Mathis? Some think they know… but the truth is, you just can't put your finger on her. She's not just one thing. Like many great artists, she refuses to be labeled or confined. The one thing she is for sure: a talent without limits. Myra's musical journey began where many of these journeys do – the pews of a church…the grand 'ole Church of God in Christ, to be exact. As a child, her vocal talent was nurtured as she raised her voice in praise almost every Sunday morning, under the tutelage of Steve Lawrence. Deeply rooted in the church, she was exposed to such anointed voices as Myrna Summers, Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sisters, and the Reverend James Cleveland, and a host of others. Myra was not sheltered, however, and she would also be exposed to many of the legends of soul, jazz, funk, and R&B. "Growing up, my mother wouldn't allow us to listen to secular music, but my father had this amazing collection of old records…on Saturday mornings, he would let us watch WWF wrestling, and listen to Donnie Hathaway, Parliament, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin, just to name a few.."

Recognizing her budding musical talent, Myra's parents would invest in classical piano, violin, and vocal lessons. Combining these formal lessons and the lessons one can only learn from singin', shoutin' and gettin' happy in church, Myra would come to embody the best of both worlds; her voice traveling effortlessly and coherently from precise and controlled to soul-stirringly impassioned.

Myra was an original member of 2 A.M. Music's Soul/R&B collective, YaMama'Nym. During this time she got her first opportunity to display her vocals outside of the church. She sang lead on some of YaMama'Nym's most recognized songs off the debut album titled 2 :00 AM such as, Is This Real? and You Still Are. She has also sung with DC grown bands Black Alley and The Uncalled for Experience. She has shared the stage with sensations like Raheem Devaugn, Ledisi, and Shirley Caesar, The Clark Sisters, and Steve Lawrence.

Myra has returned to work with 2 A.M. Music on her highly anticipated solo debut, Flat Shoes. The album is a high energy grouping of heartfelt ballads, body moving party tunes and, most notably, soulful, earnest, pocket grooves. The vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation are a combination of Chaka Khan meets Erykah Badu meets Alicia Keys. Sound interesting? Well, it's not just the music that keeps you coming back it's the personality you experience when you hear Myra. So When asked directly, so exactly who is Myra T. Mathis, she responds, "I'm just a girl, who grew up in a loving home, around good music and laughter…I see the world has a short supply of both, and I want to help bring it back…I'm me… I'm Serena's daughter…I'm just My…"




Myra's Music

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