Rock Rap N' Learn

2 A.M. Music presents....Janice Carney's Rock, Rap, N Learn - Vol. 1

As our children change, so must the way we reach out to them. With politicians and activist constantly condemning the music our children listen to and saying how it is affecting the way they learn, why not use the means by which our children find motivation to teach and reach our children. Rock, Rap, N' Learn teaches kids fundamental skills (such as alphabets, numbers, days, following directions, occupations, fitness, etc.) thru Rap, Reggae, and R&B Music!!!

Rock Rap N Learn presents parents with several ideas for learning in the home. Even the car ride home can help your children with fundamental skills

Helping in the Classroom:
Rock Rap and Learn has dedicated educators who are available for classroom counseling, Lesson Plan Development, and new program startups.

With over 50 Years of teaching experience our team is not only experts at their profession but a creative group that focuses on new and improved teaching concepts. Concepts and ideas that are focused around the children and their environment. We have the ability to teach teachers, and reach the once deemed unreachable. We are Rock Rap & Learn.

Ways children Learn:
* Through experience * Through repetition * Through fun activities



Rock Rap N' Learn Music

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